Wednesday, March 18, 2009

To the General

Today my lovelies was the dear General Caled's Birthday. Verbana thought it would be a wonderful idea to throw him a surprise party on board The Orgia and I couldn't have agreed more, as long as she took care of all the necessities, which she did, and quite swimmingly if I do say so myself. All the major players were invited of course. Somehow all the Penny Dreadfuls made it. Doc and Rapture showed up taxiing Whisper and the Captain on their way back from performing some feat or another at a certain undisclosed location. Lucretia happened to show up before any of the other guests and went on a rampage in the kitchen insisting that she be chef and mastermind behind the whole ordeal. Verbana said in her nicest tone "Lucretia dear, please remove yourself from this kitchen or I shall have to have your head." Having a large sense of self preservation, Lucretia quickly ran away as fast as she could and joined me, Doc, Whisper, Captain JHW, Rapture, Captain Adella from the Rapscallions and her First Mate Orriet, already having a few drinks in the designated birthday room. When did the Rapscallions show up?

As the door opened a thunderous "SUPPLIES" came out of our quite drunken mouths and we ran forward to give plenty of hugs to the General. It's too bad that it was the McManniss Brothers we tackled to the ground instead. It was a nice surprise since the last I had heard, the brothers were somewhere over London, or was it Portugal? Hmm, where was I, who are you? Oh right readers and such, well where was I? AhHA! We then proceeded to try and stand up, that took a lot longer than it should have seeing as I thought it would be a fun game to tie all of our shoes together while we were rolling around on the floor; oh me, I love games! As the drinking continued, Verbana came out of the kitchen with the chef and the meal. Where was the General? We knew he was somewhere on the ship so we decided to go on a General Scavenger Hunt.

Stop 1- Sun Deck Bar - "Nope, he is not at the bottom of this cup" "I can't see him anymore too. Oh No, I think I drank him *sniff sniff* why did that happen *sniff* Stupid bartender putting the General in my cup"

Stop 2- Birthday Room- "My friends *sniff* I give a toast to the late General"
"Hear, hear!" "We'll miss you General" "I will kill a girl and put her in your grave with you good friend"
"I'm Not Dead"
"I'm not dead, you drunken idiots. Now, shut up and give me a birthday celebration"
**Enter a long pause while we all stared at a man who we, moments before, thought was dead.**
"Happily third day to you. Happily third day to you. Happily THURSDAY hear my memorial. Happily thursday tooo yoouu"

I woke up a few hours later with my ears ringing, left hand holding a chicken leg, and my hat, balancing precariously on the edge of the gravy dish. I saved my hat from a gravy death, ate the chicken leg *mmm gravy* and headed up to the games room to play a few rounds with Old Joe Smittenworth (I'm trying out a new nickname).

Where did everyone else go?

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