Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New Additions

It is official my dear friends, Orion has joined the staff of The Orgia. He will be taking up the position as my personal Bodyguard and Advisor.

I remember back to when we first met, at __insert name___ bar. I was throwing back many a flagons of ale telling stories, being loud and boisterous as usual. Out of the corner of my eye I saw this shady looking gent who kept peering over at me. I raised my cup and shouted over "HEY YOU! Come here and know me better man!" Turns out he was quite drunk himself and he only kept leering at me because he was hallucinating I was a giant cask of talking wine. After sharing many a tale of cunning, bravado, and epic battles it came out that Orion was in need of work. Thankfully for him I was need of a worker.

I needed a thing taken care of with a guy, somewhat messy business.

So I hired him, he took care of the job and it was good business ever sense.
He worked a few various jobs for me here and there, then he disappeared for a few months. When he came back I offered him the full-time job and now you are all caught up.

To commemorate the occasion I opened up my personal wine cellar and drank merry myself full. The girls were dancing, the band was playing, and all had good times.

The Haze is back my friends. All aboard The Orgia!

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